Art – subject information

We aim to offer children a diverse and skill-based approach to art. We want to inspire children’s creativity by using art, artefacts and colour as a stimulus to produce their own art.  During their time at Thorpepark children have a detailed look at artists, sculptures and designers who are known both locally and globally.  The will look at a range of art styles from cubism, naturalist to street art.


In order for children to be successful with their art we teach a range of progressive skills through the school and within each art unit. Children will learn the basic skills that they will ned such as pencil control, choosing the correct pencil and brush and using tools effectively.  After, the children use an artist as stimulus to their own art, learning about the style, pallet and other works by the artist.  They will then move onto planning and practicing their own art work through mood boards, colour wheels and composition work. All art units end in a final piece which is to be celebrated across the school.


Below is the long-term overview of the art projects across the school and also the artist used to base the work around. The skills are progressive through the school and developing as the children progress.

Art units are taught in blocks in order to practice and work on the skills. These blocks full under the following categories

  • Drawing (skill based using a range of mediums and starting points)
  • Painting (skill based using colours, painting and printing skills)
  • Form (skill based to create 3D and relief pieces of art)

Although the units are taught separately the skills are transferrable into other units and across the curriculum.

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