School Dinners

Due to covid 19 changes needed to be introduced to dinner times to ensure all year groups do not mix, areas are cleaned after each sitting and the children had the chance to play outside with their peer group safely.

An additional dining hall experience has been created in the KS2 hall for all KS1 children and KS2 children continue to use the main dining hall.

The children will still have a meal option at lunchtime. This would be either a hot meal or a pack lunch option.

Thorpepark is committed to providing its children with delicious, well balanced and nutritious meals. Food is freshly prepared on school site.

LunchtimesTime allocations
Little Jumping Beans & Jumping Beans11.30am to 12.15pm
Foundation stage 11.30am to 12.15pm
Year 111.45pm to 12.30pm
Year 211.45pm to 12.30pm
Year 312.30am and 1.15pm
Year 412.15pm-1.00pm
Year 512.00pm-12.45pm
Year 612.45pm-1.30pm

Further information

Every term there is an International Food Choice week where staff select food from different nations and serve to the children.

Pupils can be paid Thorpetons if they choose a food they have never eaten before.

Download our dinner menu