Geography – subject information

At Thorpepark we aim to develop our children’s knowledge about the world by inspiring their curiosity and exploration through a robust Geography curriculum. We offer opportunities for children investigate their immediate environment and learning about contrasting localities.


Our children are supported to develop their understanding of their local and wider scale surroundings, expanding their knowledge of places, people, and environments. Our youngest children in the Early Years Foundation Stage are provided with opportunities to build the foundations for geographical exploration based around their needs and interests through in the moment planning and teaching.

As our children transition through each key stage, teaching and learning opportunities are designed to build on prior knowledge, linked to develop and deepen understanding. Children begin by looking at the world around them from the school grounds to their homes. A range of localities, such as Caribbean, Australia, North and South America and Europe are used to make contrasts and links between different cultures and environments.

By the time children leave our school we aim that they will have an excellent understanding of their local and global environments and will have a vast amount of vocabulary enabling them to succeed in their future learning.


  • Our teachers carefully plan lessons which are sequenced and naturally progress to develop depth to key geographical skills based on age group
  • Opportunities for fieldwork and learning through experiential, first-hand learning
  • Key facts and ‘sticky knowledge’ are taught, based on key geographical areas including human and physical geography, place and location knowledge. This allows for linked learning and a progression of knowledge
  • Subject specific terminology is taught to enrich children’s vocabulary and allow for deepening and embedding knowledge.

Additional support, resources and information: