Science – subject information

At Thorpepark we aim to offer all children an engaging science curriculum which meets the needs of every child. We want to give the children opportunities to learn and encourage them to want to find out more and question why. Opportunities are to be presented for the children to explore aspects of science which will promote the enjoyment of the subject and for the children to reach their full potential. Our aim is to promote a positive attitude towards Science and the willingness of the children to want to learn more.


To provide our children with a sense of enjoyment towards science and scientific enquiry, we teach them to question why and how. Our intent is  to enable our children to develop their own thinking and confidence in their own beliefs. At Thorpepark, our children learn about different aspects of science and how to investigate to prove theories. The requirements of the National Curriculum are covered during the academic year, with opportunities to learn about aspects of biology, chemistry and physics outlined in the LTP.


To provide our children with an enriching and engaging curriculum we teach science by:

  • Following the National curriculum which then builds on and adds to the children’s understanding through each key stage.
  • EYFS – The natural world, seasonal changes, states of matter, animals and habitats
  • Year 1 – animals including humans, plants, seasonal change and materials
  • Year 2 – animals including humans, living things in their habitats, materials and plants.
  • Year 3 – animals including humans, living things in their habitats, rocks and soils, magnets and forces
  • Year 4 – animals including humans, living things, electricity, states of matter and sound
  • Year 5 – animals including humans, living things and their habitats, forces, materials and earth and space
  • Year 6 – animals including humans, living things and their habitats, electricity, light and evolution and inheritance
  • Progression can be seen through the year groups when topics have been revisited.
  • Sticky knowledge accompanies each topic which allows prior learning and knowledge to be built upon.
  • End of unit quizzes to assess the children’s learning and understanding to go alongside lesson assessment. This will ensure good progress has been made.
  • Scientific vocabulary for each unit is included for each unit to embed the teaching.
  • Inquiry based activities and investigations from EYFS to KS2.

Additional support, resources and information: