The Job Centre

At Thorpepark, the children have the opportunity to apply for jobs which enables them to make a positive contribution to our school community.

The children need to apply for the job as in the same way you would within the ‘real’ world. They must complete an application form, then the short listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview. The successful applicants will be paid a wage for successfully carrying out their roles and responsibilities in the school. The wages are paid through the use of Thorpetons credits.

Vacancies available during the term will be displayed on the job board in KS2 and communicates in assemblies. Each vacancy has a deadline, children must have completed and submitted an application form by the given date.

Applying for a job

If a child wants to apply for a job they need to complete an application form and hand it in to Mrs Knight. Job application forms are available from the office, online and situated near the school’s jobs board.

What jobs are available

Due to COVID19 only some jobs can still safely be carried out by the children. These are:

  • Librarians
  • Shop assistants
  • Activity coordinator
  • Caretaker
  • All other jobs are being furloughed ad will be announced as soon as possible.