Staff & Key Workers

Working with parents

All children will be assigned a key worker who will be responsible to reporting to parents/carers about their child’s learning and development.

If parents have any concerns they should speak to the key worker in the first instance, then pre-nursery manager or Head of School.

Little Jumping Beans StaffRole
Margaret Dennis Pre-Nursery Manager
Catherine CruickshankDeputy Manager
Mandy JessopAchievement Support Assistant
Mara Rodrigues Achievement Support Assistant
Julie BlountCasual Achievement Support Officer
Chloe PattisonApprentice

Jumping Beans StaffRole
Miss J Waterhouse Nursery Leader / Teacher
Mrs S Watson Senior Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs D Clark Achievement Support Assistant
Miss D DaviesAchievement Support Assistant
Mr M Tidder Achievement Support Assistant
Miss E PurlingApprentice
Miss R RussellAchievement Support Assistant