Staff & Key Workers

Working with parents

All children will be assigned a key worker who will be responsible in providing information regarding your child’s learning and development.

If parents have any concerns they should speak to the key worker in the first instance, then nursery manager or Head of School.

Little Jumping Beans StaffRole
Margaret Dennis Pre-Nursery Manager and Safeguarding and Welfare for 2 year old and Nursery
Catherine CruickshankDeputy Manager
Mandy JessopAchievement Support Assistant
Mara Rodrigues Achievement Support Assistant
Donna ClarkAchievement Support Assistant
Georgia MitchellAchievement Support Assistant

Jumping Beans StaffRole
Mrs A Parker Nursery Manager
Miss K ThompsonTeacher
Miss E DaviesSenior Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs H GarnettPart Time Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs L FernieAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs E Douglas Achievement Support Assistant
Miss A Osborne Achievement Support Assistant
Miss C NewlandApprentice