Music – subject information

Music – subject information

We aim to offer children a creative and engaging music curriculum which meets the needs of all children. We hope that our children are inspired to create music for a range of purposes whilst practising and building on their fundamental music skills. We will encourage our children to express their own ideas in a variety of ways through music. The music curriculum is to provide our children with the music skills and knowledge that they will need whilst they are Thorpepark and as a foundation for future learning after they leave us.


In order to provide children with experiences to express themselves musically and creatively, we aim to teach them a broad and balanced music curriculum. We follow the music National Curriculum / Early Learning Goals through Charanga (Hull Music Service) from Foundation Stage 2 to Year 6 to ensure full and in-depth coverage of all of the music objectives. The opportunities and experiences offered in the Early Years provision are designed carefully using assessment steps from Development Matters and are planned to meet the needs and interests of all children.

Our children will have the opportunity to learn how to play untuned instruments and three tuned focus instruments. The chosen focus instruments ensure a progression of skills and musical ability; the instruments have been recommended by Charanga. The aim is for each pupil to leave Thorpepark with the ability, confidence and skills needed to play these focus instruments.

The focus instruments are:

FS2: untuned instruments

Year 1 and 2: untuned instruments and resonator bells

Year 3 and 4: glockenspiels

Year 5 and 6: keyboards

The Thorpepark Music curriculum is a progressive skill and knowledge-based approach. Alongside this, we encourage our children to participate in wider music opportunities (steel pan band and violin club). The wider music opportunities enable our children to perform within their community, grow in confidence and apply the knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom into new experiences.


Music is taught weekly to ensure that skills can be practiced and progression across the subject can be made; music is taught in a half an hour slot for Foundation Stage 2 pupils and an hour slot for Year 1 – Year 6 pupils. Music is taught strictly through Charanga alongside the chosen focus instruments. Although this subject does not need to restrict a cross curricular or creative approach to other subjects.


To provide our children with an engaging and creative curriculum we teach music through:

  • A carefully designed whole school curriculum which builds on and adds to the children’s music knowledge and skills.
  • Sequential progression within each year group.
  • Music knowledge and skills progression maps incorporate the music elements that run through all half termly Charanga unit allowing knowledge and skills to be built upon:
    • Listen and appraise
    • Musical dimensions
    • Singing
    • Playing an instrument
    • Improvisation
    • Composition
    • Performance

The knowledge and skills progression map are in addition to the objectives to ensure that there is an even split between a knowledge based and skill-based curriculum.

  • Subject specific vocabulary is embedded within the teaching of music.
  • Trips, resources, visitors through Hull Music Service support and extend learning.
  • Steel pan band, violin and glockenspiel tutor sessions enable our children to participate in wider music opportunities.
  • Assessment within each half term ensures good progress can be made throughout each topic.

Foundation Stage 2 – Year 6 have a composer and artist spine. The spine outlines which composers, music styles and themes are being covered in each Charanga unit across the school year for each year group. The composers and artists are from a range of sources and styles to ensure children gain a broad and balanced repertoire of composers and artists during their education at Thorpepark. Pupils will form opinions and discussion of these and demonstrate an appreciation of music.

Pupils take part in a weekly singing assembly. The composer singing assembly spine outline the tracks, sources and themes that are covered half termly. The composers chosen provides a basis for a theme or discussion point for a particular point of the year, such as Easter or voting, and are from a range of sources and styles.

Music is an inclusive subject. All pupils are required to participate in music activities. All activities planned for are adapted to ensure that all pupils have access to the music learning objective and curriculum. SEND pupils are required to join in with music activities and planning, delivery and assessment will reflect this.

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