Thorpepark Academy governors

Governors play a very important role in the school community. They monitor the progress the school is making, appoint key members of staff, and ensure that both children and staff operate in an appropriate way.

Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of the academy, establishing suitable policies, monitoring standards and ensuring value for money.

GovernorTerm CategoryCommitteeAttendance
Christopher Fenwick11/10/2013

4 years
Co-opted Chair,

2 out of 3 LGB
3 out of 3 F&GP
1 out of 1 Curr
Caroline KnightLength of tenureHead of SchoolArt Governor,

Curriculum Standards

3 out of 3 LGB
2 out of 3 F&GP
3 out of 3 Curr
Paul Lum08/11/2017

4 years
Co-opted SEND
Finance & General Purpose
1 of 1 LGB
Mike Notarantonio18/11/2014

4 years
Co-optedPE Governor,

3 out of 3 LGB
1 out of 3 F&GP
1 out of 1 Curr
Sheila Wallace-Marshall15/03/2014

4 years
Co-opted Vice Chair,

Reading and Curriculum,

Curriculum & Standards,

3 out of 3 LGB
3 out of 3 F&GP
3 out of 3 Curr
Emma Simons01/09/2018

4 years
Co-opted Curriculum & Standards1 out of 3 LGB
Simon WithamLength of tenureExecutive HeadteacherAll committees3 out of 3 LGB
3 out of 3 F&GP
3 out of 3 Curr

* Finance and General Purpose = F&GP
* Local Governing Body = LGB
* Curriculum = CURR

Governors whose term of office ended or who resigned in the 12 months prior to January 2018.

NameRole TypeTerm
Terry JohnsonAttendance,
Board member
Co-opted Resigned
David HarrisonGovernorParentResigned
Lisa KeyGovernorParentResigned

Additional Venn Academy Trust information

All governors can be contacted via the school office:

tel: 01482 854632
email: admin@thorpepark.hull.sch.uk

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