Thorpepark Academy staff

At Thorpepark we have a large staff team. Below are the names of staff and roles.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Management TeamRole
Mr S WithamCEO/Executive Headteacher
Mrs C KnightHead of School
Miss Z RucroftDeputy Headteacher
Mrs T JohnsonAssistant Headteacher
Mrs V EggletonAssistant Headteacher SEND coordinator
Mrs B Dickinson-FrySenior Business Manager
Senior Leadership TeamRole
Mrs S WatsonYear 5/6 Phase Leader
Mrs P FleemanYear 3/4 Phase Leader
Mrs M HopeYear 1/2 Phase Leader
Mrs J CaldwellNursery Phase Leader
Miss G RumneyTemporary Nursery Phase Leader

Year 5/6 Phase

Year 5/6 Phase Role
Mrs T JohnsonAssistant Headteacher
Mrs S Watson Phase Leader
Year 6 team
Mrs T Johnson Teacher
Mrs A OwenTeacher (Job share)
Mr A Ritchie Teacher
Mrs K TaylorUnqualified Teacher
Miss N Oliver Senior Achievement Support Assistant
Miss L HeathAchievement Support Assistant
Mr L MorganAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs C MusgraveAchievement Support Assistant
Miss K HalesAchievement Support Assistant (Specific needs)
Year 5 team
Mrs S WatsonTeacher
Miss K JohnsonTeacher
Mrs Z WilkinsonSenior Achievement Support Assistant
Miss J Joyce Achievement Support Assistant
Miss BJ Cooper Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs D PittockAchievement Support Assistant

Year 3/4 Phase

Year 3/4 Phase Role
Mrs P FleemanPhase Leader
Year 4 team
Mrs P FleemanTeacher
Miss A RobinsonTeacher
Miss S AyreAchievement Support Assistant
Miss C SellersAchievement Support Assistant
Miss J TaylorApprentice Achievement Support Assistant
Year 3 team
Miss S ChadwickTeacher
Miss R Day Teacher
Miss K RenwickTeacher
Miss E MitchellTeacher
Miss M McAlindonAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs K NewmanAchievement Support Assistant
Mr J Whatt Achievement Support Assistant

Year 1/2 Phase

Year 1/2 Phase Role
Mrs M Hope Phase Leader
Year 2 team
Miss A PitfieldTeacher
Mrs L Neal Teacher
Miss L ShearerTeacher
Miss L Nahar Senior Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs N PipesAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs L GreigAchievement Support Assistant
Miss S FergusonAchievement Support Assistant, part time
Year 1 team
Mrs M Hope Teacher
Mrs D HillTeacher
Miss R SpendlowTeacher
Mrs M CarterSenior Achievement Support Assistant
Miss N Ariss Achievement Support Assistant
Miss D DaviesAchievement Support Assistant (Job share)
Mrs D JacksonAchievement Support Assistant

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs V EggletonPhase Leader & SENDCo
Foundation Stage 2
Mrs V Eggleton Teacher (Job share)
Mrs A Parker Teacher
Mrs A Spinks Teacher (Job share)
Miss E StewartUnqualified Teacher
Miss T Cox Senior Achievement Support Assistant
Miss S HunterAchievement Support Assistant
Mr M Tidder Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs E WoodAchievement Support Assistant

Jumping Beans – EYFS 1

Jumping Beans StaffRole
Mrs J Caldwell Nursery Manager / Teacher
Miss G RumneyTemporary Nursery Manager / Teacher
Miss E DaviesSenior Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs H GarnettSenior Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs L FernieAchievement Support Assistant
Mrs D Clark Achievement Support Assistant
Mrs E Douglas Achievement Support Assistant
Miss E PurlingJunior Achievement Support Assistant
Miss A OsborneApprentice
Miss E HallApprentice

Little Jumping Beans

Little Jumping Beans StaffRole
Margaret Dennis Pre-Nursery Manager
Catherine CruickshankDeputy Manager
Mandy JessopAchievement Support Assistant
Mara Rodrigues Achievement Support Assistant
Georgina MitchellJunior Achievement Support Assistant
Chloe PattisonApprentice
Julie BlountCasual Achievement Support Assistant

Breakfast Club / Lunchtime Supervisors

Breakfast Club / Lunchtime supervisors Role
Mrs L Atkinson Senior Lunchtime Supervisor and Breakfast Club Coordinator
Miss L Livingston Senior Lunchtime Supervisor, Breakfast Club Coordinator and Senior Cleaner
Mrs D WrenchLunchtime Child Support Officer and Breakfast Club Assistant
Miss C ArissLunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss L Berry Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Mrs L Fenton Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss D FordonLunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss K Foster Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss L GouldLunchtime Child Support Officer
Mrs M Kershaw Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss AJ Kirby Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Mrs C LawlerLunchtime Child Support Officer
Mrs J LeeLunchtime Child Support Officer
Mrs D NorthLunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss K Robinson Lunchtime Child Support Officer
Miss C WardellLunchtime Child Support Officer

Finance, Administration & Support Team

Admin, Finance & Support Team Role
Mrs B Dickinson-FrySenior Business Manager
Mrs D Nahar Senior Administrative Manager
Miss L HoltbyAdministrative Assistant
Miss N SmithAdministrative Assistant
Miss R MilnerApprentice Administrative Assistant
Mr J SmithCasual Administrative Assistant
Safeguarding and Welfare TeamRole
Mrs W Mortimer Safeguarding and Welfare Officer
Mr A MarshallEmotional Wellbeing and Behaviour Officer and Breakfast Club Behaviour Support Assistant

Site Staff & Cleaners

Site Staff & Cleaners Role
Mr F Scottow Site Facilities Officer
Mr N GiddingsSite Facilities Officer
Miss C CoxCleaner
Miss D Fordon Cleaner
Miss L HeathCleaner
Miss L Livingston Cleaner
Mrs S Longthorn Cleaner
Miss K RobinsonCleaner
Mrs D Rollerson Cleaner
Mrs P Wardell Cleaner
Mrs D Wrench Cleaner