Maths – subject information

Maths Curriculum Statement of Intent 

At Thorpepark Academy, we believe that maths is essential to everyday life and provides a foundation for understanding the world. We want to ignite a sense of curiosity of maths in our children and ensure that they enjoy the subject.

Our aim in maths is to ensure that the children become fluent in the fundamentals, can reason mathematically, and can solve problems by applying their learning to varied situations with confidence.

We want our children to see that maths is an interconnected subject, to make connections across the different areas to develop their fluency. The idea is introduced in the Foundation Stage, developed through work in Years 1-5 and embedded in Year 6. At the same time, we unlock a passion for the subject, motivating the children to learn; encourage the children to believe that they can and will achieve in maths; and produce lifelong learners of the subject.

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