Nominees for Head Boy & Head Girl 2018/19

Elections for Head and Deputies

The Head Boy and Head Girl play a crucial part in the life of the school. At the beginning of a new academic year, the school hosts an election campaign for the children to decide who will be best to represent the school. Children have the opportunity to vote for who they want.


Head Boy and Head Girl

They are a role model to our pupils and will liaise with the Head of School,. Deputy Headteacher and Assistant Headteachers to ensure the school runs smoothly. They will deal with everyday issues such as greeting visitors, resolving issues, communicating with lunchtime supervisiors, etc. They are the voice of the school and will lead assemblies, information events and inform children of changes to the school life.


Deputy Head Boy and Girl

The Deputies support the Head Boy and Girl in the running of the school. They will be involved in sharing information, assemblies and finding out pupil’s views and opinions.

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