Covid updates

Covid update

I am writing to inform you that we continue to have daily reported covid cases across the school setting. Public Health has recommended that if you have a confirmed covid case in your household to self-isolate and not send your child into school. This is only a recommendation as a way to reduce transmission rates across the school setting, especially in year groups with higher cases. At present, cases are high in Reception and Year 4 classes. Every setting or year group has had a positive case in the last 7 days so please continue to test your child if needed using Lateral Flow Tests.

Start and finish times

We will no longer be staggering morning and afternoon start and end times. This means the children need to arrive 8.45am and at 3.15pm. On a Thursday we will continue to have an early finish time and children can be collected at 1.45pm.

Breakfast Club 

We are asking parents to book a place at breakfast for the Spring Term

Wearing face coverings

If you are entering into any of the school buildings, please wear a face covering. Staff will be wearing face coverings when they leave their main working area.


Lunchtimes will change to 30 minutes for each year group. Children, where possible will remain in their year groups bubbles.

Rapid Testing

Rapid testing will continue to remain a vital part of the Government plans to suppress this virus, in education and childcare settings. This sort of testing means that asymptomatic people who might otherwise continue to attend educational settings are identified and self-isolate. Staff continue to test twice-weekly using the lateral flow home kits. This will continue until further notice.

All new positive cases are reported on a timeline and shared with the LA public health that day. The school will act on the advice by public health regarding restrictions.

SBM will report to the DFE via daily attendance records.