Covid updates

Staggered start and end times

We will continue to stagger morning and afternoon start and end times. This means the children need to arrive between 8.45am and 9.15am and be collected between 2.45pm and 3.15pm. On a Thursday we will continue to have an early finish time and children can be collected from 1.30pm to 1.45pm.

Wearing face coverings

We are recommending that all adults when coming on school site wear a face covering. This is inside and outside. We cannot enforce adults to wear a face covering outside, however it will be a requirement if you enter the school building that a face covering is worn, unless you have proof on medical grounds that you are exempt. Primary age children do not need to wear masks in school. All staff and visitors will be wearing face coverings when they move around the school.


Lunchtimes will continue to be 30 minutes for each year group, however this will be reviewed in June depending on Government guidelines.


The children will still stay in their year group bubbles when they return to school. Any assemblies will be through virtual teams. It is important that the children do not mix with other year groups as this is a way we can limit the contact they have with other children when in school.

Rapid Testing

Rapid testing will continue to remain a vital part of the Government plans to suppress this virus, in education and childcare settings. This sort of testing means that asymptomatic people who might otherwise continue to attend educational settings are identified and self-isolate. Since mid January all staff are testing twice-weekly using the lateral flow home kits. This will continue until further notice.

Covid symptoms, testing and positive cases

All current guidance will still be in place regarding covid symptoms. If your child or anyone in your household develops any covid symptoms you must book a test and self-isolate. You must inform the school of the results, so if positive we can ensure any close contacts self-isolate. If your child receives a track and trace they must self-isolate.

If the school receives a positive covid case we will still need to identify and contact all close contacts to self-isolate for 10 days. This is one of the reasons why it is important that we remain to keep the children in year group bubbles.

Home learning if child is self-isolating

If a child needs to self-isolate home learning packs will be available and a member of staff from the year team will be in touch via phone. If a year group bubble needs to self-isolate, you will receive a text or email regarding when online live teams meeting will restart and support will be given with resources.

Food Parcels

Food parcels are still available; if you would like one please let us know.