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School reopens on Tuesday 8th September 2020 for Year 1 to Year 6. EYFS will have prearranged transition sessions. Normal education resumes from this date.

Important updates for parents

A parent/carer must inform the school if their child or a member of their household has had any symptoms within the last 14 days. If they have, they will not be able to come to school

Dear Parent/Carers,

We are looking forward to the children returning to school next week and have reviewed the current government guidance to ensure the school is as safe as possible. Year 1 to Year 6 children are expected back on Tuesday 8th September from 8.45am and children attending our Early Year settings will have set dates and times for their transition/taster sessions.

We appreciate that many children and families may still be anxious and worried about the children returning to school and we would like to reassure you that safety measures are in place to reduce the risk of Covid. Please take the time to read the following information regarding changes and procedures in place from 8th September.

One-way system

The school will have a one-way system in place.  Hopefully, this will ensure all families are all walking in the same direction. We will be asking all children and parents to enter the school site via the main school gate (opposite main office and the dining hall to the left) and leave at the gate near the two-year-old provision. We will ensure this is clearly labelled and staff will be available on the first day to direct. Social distancing of 2 metres will still be promoted with the use of yellow painted markers. Yellow lines are painted outside the children’s classroom so a queuing system can be in place.

Timings for drop offs and collections

We will be opening the classroom doors at 8.45am until 9.15am. This hopefully will reduce congestion in a morning. We ask that you arrive at school between these times and take your children straight to their classrooms. We do not want parents to gather in groups and once your child/children are safely on school site that you leave. We will still be promoting social distancing of 2 metres.

On collection we will be opening doors earlier at 2.45pm, however school will finish at 3.15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. We will still be closing earlier on a Thursday for Foundation to Year 6 children. On Thursday doors will be open from 1.30pm for collection. This hopefully will mean that we have more of a free flow of parents coming on school site to collect children. Please go to your child’s class and wait using lines marked out. Year 6 and 5 children can walk home on their own if parents complete the consent forms.

Groups and bubbles

Children will stay in their year group bubbles and will not mix with other children in the school. The timetable for the day means that the children will have separate lunch and break times with their year group only. It is very difficult for children to socially distance, however with children from Year 2 upwards we will always try and encourage social distancing. Children will be sitting, side by side and front facing in the classrooms.

Dinner time

All children will be on school site for lunch. Lunchtime will be reduced to 30 minutes and an additional afternoon break will be included for most year groups. Reception and KS1 classes will eat their lunch in the KS2 hall and KS2 children in the dining hall. The provision will be wiped down between sittings. Lunch will be a grab and go lunch initially but may be reviewed later in the term. You can send your child with a pack lunch if you prefer or home dinners can be requested. Due to the change in timings, see below if you want your child to go home for dinners please discuss with us regarding collection and delivery.

Year group Dinner KS2 hall Location for playtime
Year 1 Start 11.30 KS1 playground end time 12.00
FS2 Start 12.00 FS2 outside area end time 12.30
Year 2 Start 12.30 KS1 playground end time 1.00
Year group Dinner in the dining hall Location for playtime
Year 3 Start 11.30 KS2 playground end time 12.00
Year 4 Start 12.00 KS2 playground end time 12.30
Year 5 Start 12.30 KS2 playground end time 1.00
Year 6 Start 1.00 KS2 Playground end time 1.30


Breakfast club

Breakfast club will not be running the first week back. If you would want your child to attend breakfast club can you please book a place with the office. All places for breakfast club will have to be pre-booked, until further notice. We will have to limit the places available so if you require this please contact as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss out.

Behaviour Policy

This policy is amended and available on the school website. It clearly states any child that does not adhere to social distancing rules and puts others at risk the school has the power to enforce other measures.

Face coverings

The school has considered the recent changes in government guidance regarding face coverings and have made the following decision. If a child or parent wants to wear a face covering on the playground when dropping off or collecting a child that is up to the individual and will be respected. Once your child is in school and in their classroom, they will not need to wear a face covering. Teachers will not be wearing face coverings in the classrooms and when teaching.

Dinner monies

If you pay for your child’s school meal we will be asking that you put the money in a sealed envelope with the child’s name, class and amount. Your child needs to take the money to their classrooms and not the main office. If your child takes the money to their classrooms they will be given an envelope to put the money in. Please try and send the correct money if possible.

The office

We are asking parents only to enter the office if needed. Only one adult in the office entrance area at one time.  If someone is already in the office please queue alongside the building following the 2 metre markings and wait your turn.  If you wish to speak to a member of staff please ring the office or you can arrange an appointment for a face to face meeting. We are asking all parents to avoid the office if possible and contact the school via the phone. If you attend a meeting in school for any reason you have to complete the test and trace form in the main school office.

School uniform

We would like all children to wear school uniform. We advise that when your child gets home they change and you wash their clothes. Your child needs to come in clean clothes each day. School jumpers and cardigans are on sale from the office.

If your child or member of your household has Covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who is Covid positive you must inform us by phone or via email immediately. You and your child cannot come onto school site and must self-isolate and request a test. We will offer support and guidance during this time if necessary. We need to ensure we are staying alert and protecting each other during this pandemic. If your child develops Covid symptoms during the school day we will contact you to collect your child immediately. Other siblings will need to go home as well until a result of the test is confirmed.

Handwashing and hygiene

I would like to reassure you handwashing and general hygiene will continue to be frequently used in the school to prevent the spread of germs. We have installed more hand sanitising units across the school for children and staff to use.

I hope the information is reassuring and we are looking forward to the school reopening next week.

Kind regards

Mrs Knight